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Between Game Actions - Event 1

How do you do, fellow Jaegers?

Today the Between Game Action (BGA) Form and the BGA Announcement Document are now available to all Players who attended Event 1. The Form and the accompanying Document have abbreviated rules and clarifications around submitting your BGA. The BGA Announcement Document includes important information, including freely available BGA Opportunities, and the Hospital Public Work Blueprint.

Please read all materials carefully to ensure you properly submit your BGA.

The BGA Form (which also includes Feat and Piety Purchases) Deadline is May 20th, 2023.

Links to the Form and BGA Announcement Document can be found below:

Event 1 BGA Form

Event 1 BGA Opportunites Announcement

For full details on BGAs & Assets, Feats, and Piety, please refer to the Geistwald Rulebook (starting on Pg. 78)

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