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Classes Of Geistwald


These frontline bruisers and warriors are inclined to throw caution to the wind and run headlong into the fray. They are partial to the zweihander Waffen.

Header Perks: Start with 1 Free Weapon Proficiency in a Two-Handed Weapon or a Polearm. The Athletics Talent is also free.

Focused Ability: Once per Refresh you may Focus and then call “Break” on the third consecutive strike to a target’s weapon. This Ability can only be performed with a Two-Handed Weapon or Polearm that you are proficient in.

Iron Hand

This immovable wall prides themself as the unkillable guardian. With their trusted Panzerhand and aptitude for stubbornness on the battlefield, they will see victory.

Header Perks: You gain the Panzerhand Proficiency Skill for free. A Panzerhand is a combination of a gauntlet and a buckler that spans the length of the user's forearm and acts as a shield. See the Panzerhand Construction Guidelines for constructing one. You also gain the Scavenge Skill for free.

Focused Ability: Once per Refresh you may Focus when utilizing the Scavenge Skill to restore your Armor to full at no activation cost.


Quick on their feet and never without some trick up their sleeve, the Lightfoot are the Skirmishers, Scoundrels and Rogues of Einstrom

Header Perks: The Lockpick and Handle Toxin Talents are free.

Focused Ability: Once per Refresh, Focus and Call “Cleave” on a strike to the back of your target. Ability can only be performed with a Small One-Handed Weapon that you are proficient in. This 3-count may be made silently


Well-trained hunters and soldiers, Fusiliers have learned to make full use of muskets and are the only sharpshooters talented enough to wield the highly volatile pistol.

Header Perks: Start each Event with 3 Bullet Tags. You also gain the ability to use Pistols.

Focused Ability: Focus and enter a state of Fast Fingers for 3 minutes. For the duration of Fast Fingers, each bullet reload is now a 3-count focus to reload instead of 30 Seconds.


A new breed of inventor and chemical soldier, Grenadiers have learned to master fire and poison deploying their devastating craft on and off the battlefield to great effect.

Header Perks: At character creation choose between two chemical compositions. “Fire” or “Poison”. All Grenades Packets thrown will include the chosen carrier. All Grenadiers can carry as many packets or other phys-reps grenades as they can carry. The Thrown Weapons talent is also free.

Focused Ability: Once per Refresh, 3 Count Focus and Throw 3 “Area of Effect” Grenades utilizing the chosen carrier.

Barber Surgeon

Skilled in the rare and often underappreciated sciences of Hygiene and Medicine, Barber-Surgeons are any citizen’s best bet for a haircut, shave, or amputation.

Header Perks: Barber-Surgeons start with the Tend skills Awaken and Diagnose for free. Activation of these two skills are also free. They also start with Knowledge: Medicine free.

Focused Ability: Once per Refresh, Focus and the next 3 Tend Skills Activated may be completed as a 3-Second Count instead of its standard timer. This includes the Complete Tend Skills. Each Complete Tend Skill still requires 1 Wit to Activate.

Silver Tongue

Adapt at studying and learning from their environment and foes, the Silver Tongue bolsters those around her in preparation around her for any given situation. The origins of the Silver Tongue stretches back to classical strategists and to the Orators of the Age of the Saints.

Header Perks: Silver Tongues gain 1 free Knowledge skill. They may also submit a Secondary BGA, purely for research purposes about one of the known Knowledge skills.

Focus Ability: After giving a few words of motivation to a group of 3 willing allies, complete a 3 Count Focus and Bestow +1 Temporary Attribute to each of them. Attribute cannot be Blood or Armor. Does not stack and must be 3 separate allies.

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