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Event 4 Cast Sign Up Form!

As player capacity has been reached, we would like to invite anyone interested in Casting as well as any potential player who did not get into E4 of Geistwald to come and Cast with us.

We have a Cast Exchange Program with several New England LARPs, so if you play one (or more) of the Games listed, you'll earn XP at your home game for Casting our event!

If you are a potential Player of Geistwald, Casting our game will get your name closer to the top of the Waitlist!

If you do come and cast with us, please feel free to bring any PC or Face Character costuming you have and we would be happy to have you go out and NPC as your Character. Maybe even hook a plot or two as them.

Not only does having more Jaegers coming through town make the world more lived in, it would give you an opportunity to introduce your character and make ties In-Game before you get a chance to play or continue to Cast at future events!

If you are interested in Casting for us, please fill out the form below:

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