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Geistwald Winter Event Year 1!

Good Jaegers!

It is time to make merry and bring good cheer. Though the cruelty of Winter has laid before you its barbs and snares, a New Year is upon us, and the Great Jaeger Moot is soon to follow! We are happy to formally announce our Winter Event! Please read the following very thoroughly.

Logistics- The Geistwald Winter Event will take place February 24th at the OddFellows Hall at 16 Maple Street, Belmont Mass. between the hours of 2:00pm and 9:00-10:00pm.

The cost of admission is $25. 

Alternatively you may pay $10 and bring something for the potluck dinner.

If you are bringing food for the potluck, please make sure it’s properly labeled with all ingredients to help people with food allergies or restrictions. You will have access to outlets but will not have access to the ovens. Please plan accordingly.

Registration can be made via this form:


Before the Winter Event you’ll be able to submit a special ‘Winter BGA.’ This BGA is a simplified version of a usual BGA to represent your character hunkering down and enduring the bitterness of Winter. The submission form has more information and a list of opportunities. After the Winter Event there will be a regular BGA cycle before Event 5.

General Information-

  • You will have access to your Player Bags. Opportunities will be available to engage in commerce, including an Auction where you’ll be able to bid for very rare and coveted treasures.

  • There will be combat during the Winter Event. This is entirely opt-in however and will occur entirely within mods.

  • The Winter Event is alcohol friendly for those so inclined. Please drink responsibly and plan accordingly.If you are inebriated please don’t engage in combat. Use your best judgment and be safe.

  • The Winter Event will include a special mechanic: Pickpocketing. More information will be forthcoming in its own write-up.

  • If you are interested in playing or casting Geistwald in the future this is a great opportunity to experience the world and have a fun spooky day.

If you're looking to play please submit a rudimentary character concept, you don't need a full character build but are welcome to submit one.

If you'd like to Cast/NPC for the Winter Event please use the registration link above (admission is free for Cast).


Despite the bleakness of Winter the Jaegers of the Great Clans have prepared to assemble upon the New Year for the Great Jaeger Moot. A meeting between the heads of the largest clans of the North-West Quadrant to review the Jaeger Commandments and make plans for the New Year.

Due to the intervention of the Jaegers of Odlaw during the Hollow-Vein Crisis. The grateful leaders of the Great Clans have invited them to attend the Moot, make merry, and provide advice on the future of Jaegerdom.

As is tradition, the Moot lands on Oath Day, the holy day to Saint Invictus, Voice-of-Gods. Where people make promises to one another for the new year, and forgive grudges from the previous.

The chosen venue is the ruined castle of Scarwatch. An ancient fortress-observatory long since fallen to time. Who can say what secrets lay in its dusty halls?

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